This article is about 'the Thomas Story Time book'. You may be looking for 'the pictureback book'.
“Trembling tracks! You gave me a fright, Thomas!”

Thomas Scares the Crows! is a Thomas Story Time book based on Thomas toots to the Crows.


All of the farmers on Sodor are planting corn seeds. As Thomas pulls up at McColl Farm, he hears loud squawking. There are crows everywhere. They try to eat Farmer McColl's seeds. Farmer McColl tries to shoo them away, but they keep coming back and his scarecrow needs fixing. Thomas has an idea and scares the crows away by blowing his whistle loudly. Sure enough, the crows fly away, but all come back just a few moments later. Thomas promises to keep the crows off the field until the scarecrow is fixed. Unfortunately, two crows ignore Thomas' loud tooting. Thomas has another idea and decides to chase the two crows away. Thomas lurches forwards and the two crows fly off down the track with Thomas following closely behind.

The crows fly to the Sodor Steamworks where Gordon is being repainted. Thomas gives out a loud whistle which startles Gordon and makes the painter jump leaving Gordon with a black moustache. Thomas giggles and continues to chase the crows.

This time, Thomas chases the crows to the quarry where they settle on Mavis. Thomas whistles loudly again which makes Mavis jump causing her to bash into her trucks. Thomas does not hear Mavis and carries on chasing the crows until soon they disappear into the sky. Thomas is very pleased with himself.

Back at the farm, Farmer McColl is not happy at all. Whilst Thomas had been chasing the two crows around Sodor, all of the other crows had returned to the field. Farmer McColl is very upset; his scarecrow will not be ready until the morning. Thomas feels terrible about leaving the field and promises to stay and watch over the field overnight. This time, Thomas keeps to his word and stays at the field all night long.

The next morning, the scarecrow is fixed and back in position. Farmer McColl calls Thomas a really useful engine and Thomas' boiler bubbles with pride. Then, he lets out a big yawn and falls asleep dreaming all about crows.




  • Thomas is said to "huff" his pistons.