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This article is about the eighth season episode. You may be looking for the American title of the first season episode, the 2005 magazine story, the 2009 magazine story, the 2015 magazine story, the Philippine DVD, the Finnish DVD, the book, the live show or the PC game.
"Slow down! Slow down! And puff with care!"
―Annie and Clarabel advising Thomas

Thomas Saves the Day is the sixth (fifth in Australia) episode of the eighth season.


Thomas is helping with the construction of a new station on the Main Line by taking the workmen to the site and back home again. However, there is a difficult bend before the final approach to the station, which makes Thomas nervous. But Annie and Clarabel always advise Thomas to slow down and puff with care. Upon arrival at the new station, Thomas is informed by the Fat Controller that Annie and Clarabel are due for an overhaul at the repair yard, so he must take them there and use other coaches to take the workmen.

However, Thomas is very worried that, without Annie and Clarabel, he will not be able to tackle the difficult bend. The next morning, Thomas' nerves get the better of him as he accidentally bumps into his substitute coaches which roll back into James, making him cross. Also, whilst negotiating the difficult bend, Thomas goes too fast and ends up derailed with the coaches in the bushes. Harvey comes to Thomas' rescue, but Thomas feels that he is not really useful without his coaches. Harvey believes otherwise and takes the workmen and the coaches to the new station.

Thomas heads off for Tidmouth Sheds, longing to be back with Annie and Clarabel. However, Thomas spots some trucks, which have broken away from Edward, heading towards the new station. Thomas gives chase and overtakes the runaway trucks, but he is getting closer and closer to the difficult bend. This time, Thomas remembers Annie and Clarabel's advice to slow down and puff with care. He gets around the bend on his own, but the runaway trucks go around the twisty tracks as well.

Thomas keeps ahead of the trucks and whistles to attract the signalman's attention. Once informed, the signalman changes the points and the runaway trucks crash through the buffers just outside of the new station.

The next day, Thomas is taking Annie and Clarabel to the new station for the grand opening, but this time Thomas finds the difficult bend no longer difficult.




  • Stock footage from Bye George! is used.
  • Going by production order, this is the fifth episode of the eighth season. As if by sheer coincidence, this was the fifth episode aired in Australia.
  • This episode shares its name with the US version for the seventh episode of the first season.
  • In The Complete Series 8 DVD and other television broadcasts, the music at the end is omitted.


  • Thomas says he will tell the stationmaster about the runaway trucks, but he tells the signalman.
  • In a deleted scene, Thomas' face is crooked.
  • In a first person shot from Thomas, the end of the set is visible.
  • The narrator refers to the runaway as "troublesome trucks", yet they are really just flatbeds of pipes and the one truck on the train doesn't have a face.
  • In a close-up of Sir Topham Hatt at the beginning of the episode, he has markings on the left (viewer's perspective right) side of his neck.


In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Italian Thomas Salva la Nuova Stazione Thomas Saves the New Station
Danish Thomas Redder Ragen Thomas Saves the Day
Norwegian Thomas Redder Dagen Thomas Saves the Day
Swedish Hjälten Thomas Thomas the Hero
Dutch Thomas: De Held van de Dag Thomas: The Hero of the Day
German In Der Letzten Sekunde At the Last Second
Spanish Thomas Salva el Día Thomas Saves the Day
Portuguese Thomas é a Salvação Thomas is Salvation
French Thomas: Le Héros Thomas: The Hero
Catalan Nova Estació a la Victòria New Station in Victory
Gaelic Tomas an Gaisgeach Thomas the Hero
Czech Tomáš Zachraňuje Den Thomas Saves the Day
Croatian Tomica Spašava Dan Thomas Saves the Day
Slovak Thomas Zachraňuje Deň Thomas Saves the Day
Polish Tomek Spieszy na Ratunek Thomas Hurries to the Rescue
Finnish Tuomas Pelastaa Päivän Thomas Saves the Day
Hungarian Thomas: A Nap Hőse Thomas: Hero of the Day
Romanian Tomas Salvatorul Thomas' Saviour
Japanese トーマス、きゅうばをすくう Thomas Saves the Situation
Greek νέο σταθμό στη νίκη New Station in Victory
Russian Томас спасатель Thomas the Rescuer
Chinese 托马斯化解危机 Thomas Defuse the Crisis
Korean 용감한 토마스 Brave Thomas
Thai โธมัสช่วยปกป้อง Thomas Protects
Serbian Spasilac Tomas Thomas the Saviour

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