Thomas Saves Christmas is a colouring and sticker book.


It is almost Christmas and James thinks red is the best Christmas colour, but Percy thinks green is a good Christmas colour too. Percy wants to play in the snow, but he must deliver Christmas cards and parcels. James must deliver a giant Christmas tree to Knapford's town square. Thomas must be the emergency snowplough. He does not like that at all.

It soon starts to snow. James does not like the cold wind, but Jack is excited to start shovelling snow. Sir Topham Hatt is afraid that the snow will cause confusion and delay. He and Thomas wonder where James and Percy are. They have no idea that Percy is stuck in the snow, nor that James chuffed over some icy tracks and slipped off into the snow.

When the snowstorm is over, Harold hovers off to look for them. When he has found them, he tells Sir Topham Hatt where they are and Sir Topham Hatt tells Thomas to bring them back. Now Thomas is happy to have his plough. First he helps Percy, who then races off to deliver his load. When Thomas finds James, James says that Thomas must deliver the tree before he rescues him. Thomas delivers the tree to Knapford and Rocky puts it into place. Later Rocky puts James back on track. Kevin promises James to have him fixed in time for the tree lighting.

When the tree is lit up, everyone is excited. Sir Topham Hatt gives all his engines a bag of coal for Christmas, but Thomas thinks that spending Christmas with friends is the best gift of all.



  • This book includes three Christmas cards and stickers.


  • Thomas' eyes are wonky on two pages.
  • The rails do not have spikes.
  • All of the engines are missing their couplings and lamp irons.
  • Thomas' face changes size throughout the book.
  • James' funnel looks odd on some pages.
  • It would be dangerous to lift James with his tender attached.
  • On one activity page, Thomas is mirrored.
  • On one page, James is missing his number.