Thomas Races to the Rescue! is a book illustrated using previously released My Thomas Story Library illustrations. It contains a map with a wind-up train so that the readers can follow the story on the map. It was first published in 2006 and re-published in 2013.


One morning, Thomas is slow to start, but he is soon puffing through the countryside with Annie and Clarabel. As he does so, he passes Terence who asks if Thomas is having a good day. Thomas tells him that they have one more stop before he gets to have a rest in the shed. Gordon on the other hand, is having a bad day. His whistle valve has stopped whistling so the Fat Controller had sent him to the fitters to have the valve knocked back into place, leaving his passengers stranded. Meanwhile, back on the branchline, Thomas is told that the Fat Controller needs him urgently at the next station, so Thomas races off. Elsewhere, Harold is taking the Fat Controller to meet Thomas. As Thomas nears the station, he sees Diesel shunting some trucks. Thomas tells Diesel that he has to meet the Fat Controller at the station. Diesel replies that the Fat Controller probably wants to tell the little blue tank engine off for being naughty. This makes Thomas worry, but the Fat Controller isn't cross, he needs Thomas to take some passengers to Knapford as Gordon is ill. Bertie then arrives with the rest of Gordon's passengers and soon they set off for Knapford together. Thomas is always slow to start, so Bertie draws ahead of him, but soon Thomas overtakes and spies Knapford ahead. Thomas is very pleased to have beaten Bertie to the station. At the sheds, the Fat Controller is telling Diesel all about how Thomas raced to the rescue. Diesel then congratulates Thomas, albeit reluctantly, and Sir Topham Hatt calls him a "Really Useful Engine" before Thomas goes off for a rest in the shed.


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