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This article is about the Japanese theme park. You may be looking for the British theme park or the US theme park.

Thomas Land is the first Thomas and Friends theme park. It is located at Fuji-Q High Land park, Yamanashi, Japan. It was opened in 1998.


  • Rock-n-Roll Duncan
  • Thomas and Percy Fun Ride
  • The Exciting Cruise 
  • Mischiveous Cranky
  • Everybody Twist Tea-Cups Ride
  • Bulstrode Roller Ride
  • Thomas Land 3D Theater
  • The Great Gatagogo Adventure
  • Happy Harold
  • Thomas Monument
  • Thomas Maze
  • Percy Monument
  • Gazebo
  • Story Creation Station


  •  This was the first Thomas & Friends theme park ever built and opened in Japan in 1998.
  • At some point after the Japanese release of Hero of the Rails, the scene with Emily and Oliver in the Great Gatagogo Adventure ride was replaced with Hiro in his hiding spot. Oliver's model from this scene was moved to the end of the ride.


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