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Thomas goes Fishing and James and the Troublesome Trucks is a Ladybird book based on the episodes Thomas Goes Fishing and Troublesome Trucks. It is illustrated using photographs from the television series.


Thomas loves the sight of the river, and when he sees people fishing at the river he wants to fish too. But his driver does not let him, and all the other engines say that, 'engine don't go fishing'. One day, however, the watertower at the station is out of order, and Thomas has to get some water from the river. But after taking some river-water, he feels as if he's going to burst, and when the Fat Controller and the Inspector look him over, they discover fish in his tanks. They fish them out and have a lovely picnic supper of fish and chips. Thomas does not like fishing now. Some time later, James is in the sheds as punishment from the Fat Controller after banging his coaches about. He is soon let out, and the Fat Controller tells him to pull a train of the most troublesome trucks on the line. Thomas gives him a tease after shunting James' trucks for him, but James struggles over Gordon's Hill after a breakaway, and the Fat Controller, who is in the train behind James, tells James that he deserves his red coat.




  • Thomas is wearing Percy's tired face in some shots.

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