"The Fat Controller is always right."
— Thomas

Thomas For Sale is a magazine story.


One summers day, Thomas was waiting at the station, when he saw a couple looking at him and talking to each other. It turns out that the couple wants to buy Thomas and take him back to their country. Thomas was shocked to hear this as they went off to find the Fat Controller. That night he told the other engines about it and they were dismayed to hear it but Edward reassured him. The news went all around and the staff and passengers were upset. The next day all the passengers and staff gathered outside the Fat Controller's office waiting for the news. Thomas was waiting as well with Annie and Clarabel. In the end, the Fat Controller told them that he has no intention to sell Thomas and everyone was happy.



  • Gordon and Edward's front bogey wheels are not blue in the seventh illustration.
  • Edward's face is out of proportion in the eighth illustration.


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