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The Thomas Creator Collective is a fan-made series promoted by the official Thomas & Friends YouTube channel. The series is filmed by several fans of the series and promoted by Mattel, and one new episode is released every Friday. The series began on November 6th, 2015 with the release of the first episode.


  • Secrets of the Stolen Crown (4 Parts) – Thomas and Percy want to find a lost crown and give it to the Maritine Museum, but the diesels want to steal it and sell it for new fuel.
  • The Great Snow Storm of Sodor (3 Parts) – Thomas, James and Ryan must brave harsh, snowy weather to deliver presents in time for Christmas.
  • Gordon's Grand Adventure (3 Parts) – Gordon and Spencer must work together to deliver a special train to London, but Diesel 10 pursues them to obtain the crown.
  • Rescue the Runaway – Percy is sent off down the branch line without a driver or fireman, and Thomas has to stop him in time.
  • Racers on the Rails (3 Parts) – The engines on the North Western Railway compete against each-other in a series of races, but the diesels begin cheating in order to win the competition.
  • Philip's Bumpy Branchline – Philip looks after the Ffarquhar Branch Line when Thomas is sent to Arthur's.
  • The Fast and the Fizzleboxes (4 Parts) – Axel and Mallard come to Sodor and hold a series of races with the other engines, but the diesels begin sabotaging the other races in order to secure victories.
  • Thomas and the Troublesome Trucks – After having an accident, Thomas begins to have trouble handling the trucks.
  • Henry's Fire Rescue (2 Parts) – A wildfire begins to spread through Henry's Forest, and Henry, Toby and the Search and Rescue team must work together to put it out.
  • Night of the Diesels (3 Parts) – The diesels and the trucks begin working together to take down the steam engines.
  • Diesel as Batman saves Thomas as Superman! - Diesel dreams that he and Thomas are both crime-fighting superheroes.
  • Brother Bother – Gordon discovers that the Knapford Iron Bridge is collapsing and tries to warn Flying Scotsman, but Flying Scotsman believes he is trying to prevent him from breaking his speed record.
  • The Great Chase – Thomas and Diesel 10 work together to try and stop a runaway James from having an accident.
  • Sodor's Finest (4 Parts) – Flying Scotsman and Yong Bao begin investigating the mysterious accidents being caused by the diesels and trucks.
  • Bridge Jump and Triple Chase - The diesels have a disagreement about how Thomas jumped the Vicarstown bridge while Flying Scotsman, Harold and Bertie race to kick off a very special event and run into some surprises on the rails.
  • The Steam Games (4 Parts) – The Steam Games are being held on Sodor and some old friends come to compete.
  • Spooky Sodor (4 Parts) – It's Halloween on Sodor and engines all over the Island are having spooky adventures.

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