The Thomas Creator Collective is a fan-made series promoted by the official Thomas & Friends YouTube channel. The series is filmed by several fans of the franchise and promoted by Mattel, with one new episode released every Friday. The series began on November 6th, 2015 with the release of the first episode.


Title Story By Original Upload Date Production number #
ThomasCreatorCollective1 Enterprisingengine93, DieselD199 and Eric De Cordova November 6th, 2015 - December 4th, 2015 #01
Thomas and Percy want to find a lost crown and give it to the Maritime Museum, but the diesels want to steal it and sell it for new fuel (4 parts and a compilation).
ThomasCreatorCollective2 Enterprisingengine93, DieselD199 and Eric De Cordova December 4th, 2015 - December 23rd, 2015 #02
Thomas, James and Ryan must brave harsh, snowy weather to deliver presents in time for Christmas (3 parts and a compilation).
ThomasCreatorCollective3 Enterprisingengine93, DieselD199, tardisrescue, TheTrainModeller and Eric De Cordova January 22nd, 2016 - February 12th, 2016 #03
Gordon and Spencer must work together to deliver a special train to London, but Diesel 10 pursues them to obtain the crown (3 parts and a compilation).
ThomasCreatorCollective4 Enterprisingengine93, DieselD199, TheTrainModeller and Eric De Cordova February 26th, 2016 #04
Percy is sent off down the branch line without a driver or fireman and Thomas has to stop him in time (1 part).
ThomasCreatorCollective5 Enterprisingengine93, DieselD199 and Eric De Cordova March 18th, 2016 - April 15th, 2016 #05
The engines compete against each other in a series of races, but the diesels begin cheating in order to win the competition (4 parts and a compilation).
ThomasCreatorCollective6 Enterprisingengine93, DieselD199 and Eric De Cordova April 22nd, 2016 #06
Philip looks after the Ffarquhar Branch Line when Thomas is sent to Arthur's (1 part).
ThomasCreatorCollective7 Enterprisingengine93, DieselD199 and Eric De Cordova April 29th, 2016 - May 27th, 2016 #07
Axel and Mallard come to Sodor and hold a series of races with the other engines, but the diesels begin sabotaging the other races in order to secure victories (4 parts and a compilation).
ThomasCreatorCollective8 TheTrainModeller and Calebtrain June 3rd, 2016 #08
After having an accident, Thomas begins to have trouble handling the trucks (1 part).
ThomasCreatorCollective9 Enterprisingengine93, DieselD199 and Eric De Cordova June 10th, 2016 - June 17th, 2016 #09
A wildfire begins to spread through Henry's Forest so Henry, Toby and the Search and Rescue team must work together to put it out (2 parts).
ThomasCreatorCollective10 Enterprisingengine93, DieselD199 and Eric De Cordova June 24th, 2016 - July 15th, 2016 #10
The diesels and the trucks begin working together to take down the steam engines (3 parts and a compilation).
ThomasCreatorCollective11 DieselD199 and Eric De Cordova July 21st, 2016 #11
Diesel dreams that he and Thomas are both crime-fighting superheroes (1 part).
ThomasCreatorCollective12 Enterprisingengine93 July 29th, 2016 #12
Gordon discovers that the Iron Bridge is collapsing and tries to warn Flying Scotsman, but Flying Scotsman believes he is trying to prevent him from breaking his speed record (1 part).
ThomasCreatorCollective13 Enterprisingengine93, TheTrainModeller and Tines Sensahthe August 5th, 2016 #13
Thomas and Diesel 10 work together to try and stop a runaway James from having an accident (1 part).
ThomasCreatorCollective14 Enterprisingengine93, DieselD199 and Eric De Cordova August 12th, 2016 - September 2nd, 2016 #14
Flying Scotsman and Yong Bao begin investigating the mysterious accidents being caused by the diesels and trucks (4 parts).
ThomasCreatorCollective15 Enterprisingengine93, DieselD199 and Eric De Cordova September 9th, 2016 #15
The diesels have a disagreement about how Thomas jumped the Vicarstown bridge while Flying Scotsman, Harold and Bertie race to kick off a very special event (1 part).
ThomasCreatorCollective16 Enterprisingengine93, DieselD199 and Eric De Cordova September 16th, 2016 - October 7th, 2016 & January 20th 2017 #16 & #26
The Steam Games are being held on Sodor and some old friends come to compete (4 parts and a compilation).
ThomasCreatorCollective17 Enterprisingengine93, DieselD199, Calebtrain, TheTrainModeller and Eric De Cordova October 14th, 2016 - November 4th, 2016 #17
It's Halloween on Sodor and engines all over the Island are having spooky adventures (4 parts).
ThomasCreatorCollective18 Enterprisingengine93, ThomasWoodenRailway and Eric De Cordova November 11th, 2016 #18
Vinnie, Ashima and Axel sing about accidents while Flying Scotsman races in Monte Carlo where the lorries are being horrid (1 part).
ThomasCreatorCollective19 DieselD199 and Eric De Cordova November 18th, 2016 #19
Thomas makes up a story and gets himself into trouble (1 part).
ThomasCreatorCollective20 Enterprisingengine93, ThomasWoodenRailway and Eric De Cordova November 25th, 2016 #20
Vinnie is being a bully so Philip decides to pay him out (1 part).
ThomasCreatorCollective21 DieselD199 December 2nd, 2016 #21
Gordon gets annoyed at the international engines for getting in his way, but when he runs into trouble in the fog, it's up to Frieda to save him (1 part).
ThomasCreatorCollective22 ThomasWoodenRailway, DieselD199, TheTrainModeller and Eric De Cordova December 9th, 2016 #22
George the Steamroller is back and causing trouble so Axel tries to show off which gets him into trouble (1 part).
ThomasCreatorCollective23 Enterprisingengine93 and Eric De Cordova December 16th, 2016 #23
After Percy thinks he ruined the Christmas mail, he finds himself in a strange new Sodor (1 part).
ThomasCreatorCollective24 TheTrainModeller and Calebtrain December 23rd, 2016 #24
It's Christmas Eve on the Island of Sodor and all the engines are excited for the big Christmas party except for Ashima (1 part).
ThomasCreatorCollective25 N/A December 30th, 2016 #25
Join the Thomas Creator Collective celebrating a year of amazing adventures on Sodor with The Island Song Music Video (1 part).
ThomasCreatorCollective27 DieselD199 and Enterprisingengine93 February 3rd, 2017 - February 10th, 2017 #27
Sir Topham Hatt asks Thomas and some very useful friends to work together to work on a special new project but there's trouble at the shed (2 parts).
ThomasCreatorCollective28A DieselD199, Enterprisingengine93 and Eric De Cordova February 17th, 2017 - March 10th, 2017 #28
Vinnie and D261 are sent to take Stephen to the Railway Museum, but Thomas thinks they're kidnapping Stephen (3 parts and a compilation).
ThomasCreatorCollective29A Paul Martin, TheTrainModeller, Enterprisingengine93 and Eric De Cordova March 17th, 2017 - April 7th, 2017 #29
Thomas tries to make things right with Vinnie but devious truck S.C. Ruffey has other plans (3 parts and a compilation).
ThomasCreatorCollective30A Paul Martin, Eric De Cordova and Enterprisingengine93 April 14th, 2017 #30
After the Horrid Lorry gets stuck, it's up to Hugo and his friends to save him (1 part).
ThomasCreatorCollective31 Enterprisingengine93, DieselD199 and Eric De Cordova April 21st, 2017 - April 28th, 2017 #31
The circus comes to Sodor but after Percy and Philip cause some trouble, it is up to them to put it right (2 parts).
ThomasCreatorCollective32 Enterprisingengine93, Paul Martin and Eric De Cordova May 5th, 2017 #32
After the animals ran away from the circus because of a fire, Sir Topham Hatt asked Belle and Flynn to round them up (1 part).
ThomasCreatorCollective33 Enterprisingengine93, DieselD199 and Eric De Cordova May 12th, 2017 #33
Diesel has been spotted on the mainland so Gordon, Flying Scotsman and Spencer have gone to investigate but on the way they run into Henry who needs help (1 part).
ThomasCreatorCollective34 Enterprisingengine93, DieselD199 and Eric De Cordova May 19th, 2017 - June 23rd, 2017 #34
Devious Diesel has taken control of the mainland and it's up to the Sodor engines to put a stop to him (5 parts and a compilation).

Thomas Creator Collective Presents

From November 9th 2016 to January 11th 2017, these stand-alone productions were uploaded every Wednesday.

  1. The Best (And Worst!) of Diesel 10 – Thomas reminds Diesel 10 of some of the times he was not helpful.
  2. Thomas' Bravest Moments – Thomas tells Ashima about his bravest moments.
  3. Sodor's Craziest Crashes – Emily and Frieda discuss that "the boys" on Sodor sometimes spend a little too much time off the rails. But Duck reminds Emily of a story she forgot.
  4. James' Most Dangerous Moments – James and Axel are thundering down the line with a very dirty coal train. But James remembers some dangerous scrapes from the past.
  5. The Best of Bill and Ben – Ivan and Raul are working at the Clay Pits and Bill and Ben are up to their old tricks! The twins remember some of their favourite practical jokes!
  6. Sodor's Greatest Races – Gordon, The Flying Scotsman, Spencer, and Connor are having a big race! While they rush to the finish, they remember some of their greatest races!
  7. Sodor's Snow Scrapes! – It's nearly Christmas and there's snow place like Sodor for fun and games in the snow but sometimes things don't go as planned.
  8. Saving Christmas – It's Christmas on the Island of Sodor and after a snowy time on the rails, Thomas tells Percy and Ashima about all the times he and his friends saved Christmas!
  9. Friends to the Rescue! – Yong Bao has a special surprise for Toby! Toby also remembers when his friends Percy, Belle, and Flynn came to the rescue!
  10. Little Engines do Big Things! – Vinnie the big bully engine thinks he's the strongest engine on Sodor but Sir Handel, Rheneas, Duncan and the rest of the Blue Mountain Quarry engines will show him that little engines can do big things!

Music Videos

Characters Introduced

  • Flying Scotsman's Ghost Engines
  • A little blue diesel that was seen at the Coaling Plant
  • An array of Diesel Shunters
  • A Red Tank Engine

Involved Users


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