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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the US VHS/DVD release, the Romanian DVD, the UK VHS, the Railway Series spin-off book, the Buzz Book or the Step into Reading book.
"You miserable engine! Just look what you've done to our breakfast! Now I shall have to cook some more!"
— The stationmaster's wife yelling at Thomas

Thomas Comes to Breakfast is the eighteenth episode of the second season. In the US, this episode first aired on the Shining Time Station episode Two Old Hands in 1989 and then later, Nickel in a Pickle in 1991.


Thomas' driver jokes that Thomas could almost run his branch line without him. Thomas does not realise he is joking though and becomes very conceited. He brags to Percy and Toby later at the sheds and both tell Thomas that he needs a driver, but to no avail.

The next morning, a fire lighter comes and starts up the engines' fires. Thomas wakes up as the warmth spreads through his boiler and then realises his opportunity to run by himself and prove Percy and Toby wrong by stopping and wheeshing in front of them. Thomas slowly starts moving along the track, but does not know that he is only moving because a careless cleaner has fiddled with his controls. Thomas quickly finds his mistake and tries to stop, but he could not without his driver. At the end of the tracks sits the stationmaster's house. Thomas crashes through the end buffers, the fence and the front window just as the family is sitting down to breakfast. The house rocked and shattered plaster and glass was everywhere. Both the stationmaster and his wife were furious with Thomas for ruining their breakfast. After the stationmaster's wife bangs the door to the dining room, more plaster falls onto Thomas.

After workmen lay rails through the garden, Donald and Douglas arrive and pull Thomas free of the house. Thomas' front has been badly damaged by the impact and he is in disgrace.

Back at the shed, the Fat Controller tells Thomas he is in a lot of trouble and as a result, he is going to have to spend a long time at the Works being mended. While he is away, a diesel railcar is going to be brought in to run his branch line. He also tells him that diesels always stay in their sheds until they are wanted and diesels never gallivant off to breakfast in stationmasters' houses.




  • This episode is based on the story of the same name from The Railway Series book Branch Line Engines.
  • Stock footage from the first season episode, Thomas and the Guard is used, as is as a deleted scene from the second season episode, Thomas, Percy and the Coal.
  • A foreshadow to Daisy is made.
  • A portrait of a Victorian-style steam engine depicted with a moustache can be seen at the Ffarquhar Stationmaster's house.
  • Footage of the episode was used as a reference to the original story read aloud by Christopher Awdry in the exclusive YouTube documentary 70 Years of Friendship. Christopher also stated that this was one of his favourite stories.
  • In the US, this episode aired before the first season episode, Toby the Tram Engine and the second season episode, Donald and Douglas. This means that American viewers would not know who Toby, Donald and Douglas are.
  • A large scale model of Thomas was used for the scenes inside of the house.
  • When the narrator says "The stationmaster was furious!", the wall set-up behind the stationmaster is different in the restored version.
  • In George Carlin's US narration, when the stationmaster's wife shouts "Now I shall have to cook some more!", the sound of the door being banged sounds quieter than in the other dubs for this episode.
  • The cereal box that the stationmaster's son is holding is a recreation of Kellogg's Corn Flakes.


  • Clarabel is facing the wrong way and her roof is lifted when Thomas comes into Tidmouth.
  • When the narrator says "Thomas had become conceited.", Thomas actually appears to be sad.
  • When Toby and Percy are sleeping, Toby is tilted to the left.
  • In the close-up of Toby sleeping, his windows are open slightly, but in the wider shot of the three engines in the shed, Toby's right window (viewer perspective) is completely open. It is then again slightly open when Thomas is rolling out of the shed.
  • Just after Thomas finds that he cannot stop, he passes a station building on his left, but in the next shot, he has not passed it yet.
  • In the shots from Thomas' perspective before he runs into the house, the tracks on the right all seem to end abruptly at a wall (the wall is presumably there to hide the edge of the set).
  • Just before Thomas crashes into the house, the window did not have glass in the frame.
  • As Thomas crashes into the house, his wheels are not moving, nor do they move as he is being pulled out of the house.
  • In the interior shots of the house, the people are almost as big as Thomas due to the fact that their large scale models were used.
  • When Thomas is rescued, a bush is lying on his buffer beam, but when the Fat Controller is talking to him, the bush seems to have become larger.
  • When Donald and Douglas pull Thomas out of the house, he is wearing his lamp. In the close-up of Thomas' front, the lamp has disappeared.
  • In a close-up of Thomas' driver, he is clean shaven, but in some non close-ups, he has a beard.
  • When Thomas is pulled away from the house, he looks unharmed. However, in the next shot, a bush suddenly appears on his suddenly damaged buffer beam and his head lamp vanishes.
  • It is clear to see that a bent buffer beam has been placed on top of Thomas' own when it is damaged.
  • When Thomas says "Silly stick-in-the-muds!", the sheds and the engines are all arranged facing the wrong way.
  • During the close-up of Percy looking cross, Donald's tender is seen in the background; because of that, this episode was recorded during the second season episode, Donald and Douglas, where Donald's tender was still jammed in the signal box. However, later in the episode, Donald appears with his tender intact.
  • In the close-ups of the Fat Controller, the faded marks of where a smile had been are visible behind his frown.
  • The Portuguese and Spanish dubs credit George Carlin as the narrator, even though it was redubbed.
  • Thomas' eyes are off-centre from each other throughout the majority of the episode.
  • The narrator that the Ffarquhar Stationmaster was furious, but he looks very sad.
  • In the US George Carlin version, George Carlin does not muffle Thomas' voice when he speaks behind his bush.


  • Driver: You know just where to stop, Thomas. You could almost manage without me.
  • Narrator: Thomas had become conceited. He didn't realise his driver was joking.


  • (Thomas brags to Percy and Toby)
  • Thomas: My driver says I don't need him any more.
  • Percy: Don't be so daft!
  • Toby: I'd never go without my driver. I'd be frightened!
  • Thomas: Pooh! I'm not scared.
  • Toby: You never dare!
  • Thomas: I would then. You'll see.


  • Thomas: Silly stick-in-the-muds! I'll show them! Driver says I can manage without him. I'll just go out and then I'll stop and "wheesh!" That'll make them jump.
  • Narrator: Thomas thought he was being clever and really he was only moving because a careless cleaner had meddled with his controls. He soon found his mistake. He tried to "wheesh!", but he couldn't. He tried to stop, but he couldn't. He just kept rolling along. He didn't dare look at what was coming next. There was the stationmaster's house! The stationmaster was about to have breakfast.
  • Thomas: HORRORS! [shuts his eyes and crashes into the house]


  • Stationmaster's Wife: (scolds Thomas) You miserable engine! Just look what you've done to our breakfast! Now I shall have to cook some more. [she bangs the door, causing more plaster to fall on Thomas]


  • Donald and Douglas: Dinna fash yourself, Thomas. We'll soon have you back on the rails.


  • The Fat Controller: You are a very naughty engine.
  • Thomas: I know, Sir. I'm sorry, Sir.
  • Narrator: Thomas' voice was muffled behind his bush.
  • The Fat Controller: You must go to the works and have your front mended. It will be a long job.
  • Thomas: Yes, Sir!
  • The Fat Controller: Meanwhile, a diesel rail car will do your work.
  • Thomas: A-A-A d-diesel, Sir?!
  • The Fat Controller: Yes, Thomas. Diesels always stay in their sheds till they are wanted. Diesels never gallivant off to breakfast in stationmasters' houses.


In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese トーマスあさごはんにおじゃま Thomas Comes to Breakfast
Spanish La Visita de Thomas Thomas' Visit
Welsh Tomos mewn Trafferthion Thomas in Trouble
Norwegian Thomas kommer til frokost Thomas Comes to Breakfast
German Ein unwillkommener Frühstücksgast An Unwelcome Breakfast Guest
Brazilian Portuguese Uma Visita Inesperada/Thomas Vem Ao Café da Manhã An Unexpected Visit/Thomas Comes to Breakfast
Dutch Thomas gaat ontbijten Thomas Comes to Breakfast
Danish Thomas kommer til morgenmad Thomas Comes to Breakfast
Slovenian Tomaž pride na zajtrk Thomas Comes to Breakfast
Hungarian Thomas reggelije Thomas' Breakfast
Finnish Tuomas Tulee Aamiaiselle Thomas Comes to Breakfast
Italian La Locomotiva Presuntuosa The Presumptuous Locomotive
Chinese 托马斯来吃早餐 Thomas Came to Breakfast
Korean 역장님댁을 무너뜨린 토마스 Thomas Broke the Stationmaster's House
Russian Томас приходит на завтрак Thomas Comes to Breakfast
Ukrainian Томас прибуває на сніданок Thomas Comes to Breakfast
Swedish Thomas kommer till frukost Thomas Comes to Breakfast
Romanian Thomas Vine la Micul Dejun Thomas Comes to Breakfast
Slovak Thomas ide na raňajky Thomas Goes for Breakfast
Czech Tomáš jde na snídani Thomas Comes to Breakfast
Polish Tomek Wpada na Śniadanie Thomas Rushes for Breakfast
Thai โธมัสชนบ้านนายสถานี Thomas Hit a Home Station

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