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This article is about the Engine Adventures book. You may be looking for the engine, the baby, the VHS, the Story Library book, the Railway Series book, the Railway Series compilation book, the magazine story, the 1984 handheld game, the 1993 console game or the Kids Station game.
"Fishing is much too wriggly!"
— Thomas

Thomas is a book in the Engine Adventures series.


Thomas' favourite place along his branch line is the river. Every time he rumbles over the bridge, Thomas looks out for people fishing. Thomas often wishes he can stay and watch. Whenever he meets another engine, he tells them that he wants to fish, but they all tell him that engines don't go fishing.

One day, Thomas stops as usual at the station by the river to fill up with water, but the water-tower is not working. The driver suggests that they get some water from the river. Thomas puffs back to the bridge and his crew finds an old bucket which is full of holes. The crew pull up bucket after bucket of water and empty it into Thomas' tank.

Thomas feels better, but he soon develops an ache in his boiler and steam starts to hiss from his safety valve. The crew dampen down Thomas' fire and the little tank engine struggles on. Thomas comes to a stop outside the last station and his crew uncouple Annie and Clarabel and Thomas slides onto a siding. The guard goes to phone for an engine inspector and the driver finds some signs warning people to keep away from Thomas.

Soon, the inspector arrives with the Fat Controller. The inspector concludes that the feed pipe is blocked and takes a look inside the tanks. He asks the Fat Controller to take a look. The Fat Controller clambers up and gets a massive surprise when he sees fish swimming about in the tanks. Thomas admits they must've fished the fish from the river with their bucket. The crew all take turns fishing in Thomas' tanks while the Fat Controller shouts instructions.

After all the fish are caught, the Fat Controller, the inspector and Thomas' crew enjoy a supper of fish and chips. Afterwards, the Fat Controller tells Thomas that he mustn't go fishing again and Thomas promises that he won't.




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