Thomas & Friends: Talk to You (also known as Thomas and You) is an interactive app for iOS and Android where the player can talk to Thomas and his friends through a series of stories. It was released in July 2015.


Up All Night

Thomas has a hard time sleeping due to the summer sun's brightness in the evening. After talking for long enough, Emily asks the player to ask Thomas to be quiet so that she and Percy can get some sleep. The next day, Thomas is so tired that he needs the player to keep him up while he delivers petrol. Back at Tidmouth Sheds, everyone is back to sleep already, but Thomas doesn't want to make the same mistake again as the previous night, so he asks the player to count sheep, tell a story, or sing a song.

Brain Freeze

Thomas has to learn to speed up while delivering ice cream and learn to slow down while delivering dirty dishes during a hot summer day.

The Shape of Things

Thomas did not take note what Sir Topham Hatt's new signs mean, so it's up to the player to tell him about the signs after he or she learns about them with Emily.


The engines are planning a birthday party for Thomas, but they are trying to learn how to say "Surprise!" first before he arrives. They ask the player to say it first when Thomas arrives, and the other engines also do it.

Mystery, Coming Through!

Thomas must find out who covered Percy in soot and confront him.

Something in the Wind

Thomas catches a kite, but he soon loses it, so he must find it with the player's help.

The Junction

Thomas and James must learn to cooperate at a junction and learn to say they are sorry.


Thomas decides to teach his friends about friendship, with the help of the player.







  • "Up All Night" is the only story that is available for free (unlocked by default) from the start. The other stories have to be purchased (unlocked manually) via micropayment.
  • In a couple stories, one of the brake sound effects is reused from the model series.


  • In "The Junction", Toby's buffers clip through his buffer housing.
  • In the UK version, the voice clips in one part of Thomas' conversation with Gordon in "Mystery Coming Through!" are out of sync.
  • In some beginning scenes of "Something in the Wind", more specifically, if the kite lands on Thomas' whistle, when the kite flies away, Thomas' funnel is cracked.
  • In "Mystery Coming Through", when the player guesses Emily, Thomas mentions she is the number 6 engine. However, Percy is number 6 and Emily does not have a number.