Thomas & Friends: Playtime with Fans was a series of segments which were shown on TMF (now called VIVA!) when the first to fifth seasons were being aired on the channel by Noggin. These segments were stories made by young children who played with their favourite characters, and Michael Angelis narrated the stories. At least three of these shorts were made.


  • Thomas and the Broken Coupling - Thomas takes children to a party with Annie and Clarabel, when, unknown to Thomas, the coupling between him and Annie breaks, and Thomas leaves his coaches behind. When Thomas arrives at Knapford, the Fat Controller is cross with Thomas - until James arrives with Annie and Clarabel.
  • Brave Little Percy - Gordon has been stuck in the mud all night, so the Fat Controller sends Percy to rescue him. With a great effort, Percy pulls Gordon out of the mud, and Percy is given a medal for bravery.
  • Collision! - Faulty points cause Thomas and James to crash into each other, and the Fat Controller scolds them for being careless. After being mended, Thomas and James promise to be more careful.

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