This article is about the 1987 magazine story. You may be looking for the episode or the Philippine DVD.
"Silly soft stuff! Snow can't stop me!"
— Thomas

Thomas, Terence and the Snow is a magazine story.


One autumn Thomas saw a tractor named Terence. Thomas thought he had ugly wheels, which are referred by Terence as 'caterpillars' and they let him go anywhere. Snow came and winter had arrived. Thomas' driver was very worried about a heavy fall but Thomas finished his journey safely. The snow was now covering the countryside and Thomas had to be fitted with a heavy and uncomfortable snowplough. Thomas shook and banged it until it was so damaged that his driver had to take it off.

The next morning Thomas went without his snowplough. The driver was worried about deep snow but Thomas thought it was 'silly soft stuff'. But there was trouble ahead. As he puffed out of the tunnel he ran straight into a heap of snow and was stuck. Thomas tried to go back but his wheels spun. The guard went back for help while everyone was digging the snow away. But as they dug more snow fell all over Thomas. Thomas began to cry.

Later a bus came to pick up Thomas' passengers and to pull out Thomas was Terence. He pulled the empty coaches away and then pulled Thomas out of the snow. Thomas was very grateful and now Thomas will try to be sensible after his silliness.




  • The first part of the story states that it was autumn, yet the first illustration shows snow falling, which normally happens during the winter.
  • Except for their eye lids, Annie and Clarabel were coloured greenish grey throughout the story.


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