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Thomas, Percy and the Coal/Saved from Scrap is a Ladybird book based on the second season episodes, Thomas, Percy and the Coal and Saved from Scrap and illustrated using photographs from the television series.


One morning, Thomas boasts to Percy and Toby about his blue paint. Later that day, Percy plays a trick on Thomas causing him to get dirty. Soon a quarrel begins between them. The next day, Percy falls into a pile of coal which causes him to get dirty too. That night, Thomas and Percy make up their quarrel and vow to be more careful with coal.

Edward brings some scrap metal to the scrapyards. While he is there, he meets an old traction engine named Trevor who is going to be broken up next week. Edward tells the Vicar of Wellsworth about Trevor. The Vicar speaks to Jem Cole about Trevor and gets a deal to purchase him. Trevor is repainted and now lives in the Vicarage Orchard.



  • Images from the episodes Thomas, Percy and the Coal, Saved from Scrap, The Runaway and Cows are used.
  • A cassette tape narrated by Ringo Starr was included with some of the books.

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