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"Thomas! What are you doing with a giant balloon attached to your buffers?"
— Farmer McColl, James and Emily

Thomas' Frosty Friend is the twentieth episode of the tenth season.


A snowman balloon becomes attached to Thomas' bunker, but Thomas thinks the snowman is following him and tells it to go away. Only when he tells Sir Topham Hatt about the snowman does he realise the balloon is attached to his buffers and decides to take it back to the children.




  • In a rare still, the Snowman does not have the chains attached to it.


  • When the snowman is first seen being pulled out, the camera closes in on a hook holding it down being pulled out of the snow, and yet the ends of the rope do not have any hook whatsoever when it catches Thomas' buffers.
  • In the UK title, there's an extra s after the apostrophe.


In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Spanish El Helado Amigo de Thomas Thomas' Icy Friend
Norwegian Thomas og snømannen Thomas and the Snowman
German Thomas und sein winterlicher Freund Thomas and his Winter Friend
Japanese トーマスとゆきだるま Thomas and Snowman
Danish Thomas' Vinterlige Ven Thomas' Wintry Friend
French Le Bonhomme de Neige de Thomas Thomas' Snowman
Italian Thomas e il Pupazzo di Neve Thomas and the Snowman
Hungarian A Hóember The Snowman
Portuguese O amigo gelado de Thomas Thomas' Icy Friend
Romanian Prietenul Înghețat al lui Thomas Thomas' Icy Friend
Polish Śnieżny przyjaciel Tomka Thomas' Snow Friend
Slovak Thomasov mrazivý priateľ Thomas' Frosty Friend
Swedish Snögubben The Snowman
Chinese 托马斯的雪人朋友 Thomas' Snowman Friend
Thai ตุ๊กตาหิมะของโธมัส Thomas the Snowman

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