Thomas' Island Tour is a My Thomas Story Library-style fold out track book. It reuses illustrations from Story Library books.


Thomas was up early shunting trucks with Percy. Whilst Cranky was praising the two engines for their hard work, the Fat Controller arrived. He asked Thomas to go to Maithwaite station and take some inspectors from the Railway Board on a tour of Sodor and then bring them to Ffarquhar. After talking to the other engines, he set off with Annie and Clarabel and collected the inspectors. He tooted to Terence and Gordon as he puffed around Sodor. By early afternoon, Thomas had nearly finished his tour and was going back to the station. He chatted with Terence, who had nearly finished his ploughing, but all of a sudden, it started to rain. He went round a bend in the track and suddenly had to brake - the rain had caused a landslide and a huge pile of earth covered the tracks outside a tunnel. Thomas' driver and fireman ran off to get help and the line was soon cleared. Back at the station, the Fat Controller introduced the inspectors to Toby and congratulated Thomas and his driver for their good work.

Just then, a workman alerted the Fat Controller that a breakdown train was needed - Gordon had broken down! Thomas volunteered to take the breakdown train and Gordon thanked him. But Thomas still had work to do - he had to take trucks to the quarry and tow James to the station. Initially, the trucks slowed Thomas down, but he asked them to behave and reluctantly they did. He soon delivered the trucks to the station and went to help James, who the trucks had been teasing all day. Thomas towed James back to the station and met with the Fat Controller. The Fat Controller was very happy, as the inspectors were so impressed, they were going to put Sodor up for Railway of the Year! Thomas was pleased but tired and set off to the sheds when he met Elizabeth. He thought she was going to say something rude like usual, but she congratulated him too. Thomas quickly fell asleep in the sheds - it had been a very busy day.



  • The storybook comes in a pack that includes a fold-out map of Sodor featuring all the locations mentioned in the book and a wind-up Thomas.
  • The book's illustrations are recycled from earlier story library books


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