Thomas' Halloween Delivery is a glow-in-the-dark sticker and colouring book.


It is autumn on Sodor and will soon be Halloween. Thomas likes Halloween because there are parties and trick-or-treating. But Sodor can sometimes be spooky during Halloween. Percy soon finds this out for himself when he delivers mail to Ballahoo.

Along the way, he sees a scary old house where no one lives. Suddenly, Percy sees a light in the spooky house and hears a strange noise. Percy races as fast as he can to Thomas. Thomas tells Percy that they will go to the spooky house the next day and he will show Percy that there's nothing to be scared of.

When the day's work is done, Thomas takes Percy to the spooky house and they discover that the house is an old railway station. But Thomas and Percy don't see Spencer hiding behind the bushes. He makes a spooky sound that scares Thomas and Percy. At the sheds, Thomas discovers it was Spencer who scared them. Spencer says that everyone enjoys a good trick on Halloween, but Thomas did not like it.

The next day is Halloween and everyone is happy, except Thomas. He is determined to not be tricked again. Sir Topham Hatt asks Thomas to make one last delivery to the old station near Ballahoo. Thomas does not want to go there alone, but everyone else is busy. On the other side of the station, the Duke and Duchess of Boxford are hosting a Halloween party. Now Thomas and Percy are not scared of the old station anymore. Later, Thomas blows his whistle and gives Spencer a good scare.




  • Thomas' face changes size throughout the book.
  • The rails do not have spikes.
  • All of the engines are missing their couplings and lamp irons.