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Thomas' Crazy Day is a book in the Thomas Story Time series illustrated using photographs from the CGI television series.


Percy has popped a piston and is waiting at the Sodor Steamworks to be fixed. Thomas promises his friend that once he is fixed, they will play together. At Knapford, the Fat Controller has a special job for Thomas; he is to show Bash, Dash, and Ferdinand how to load freight and be really useful at the Docks. Thomas was excited, but he then remembered his promise to Percy. At the docks, Thomas thinks of an idea where he can do both his tasks. He asks Cranky to show the Logging Locos how to load the freight. Cranky was not pleased, but before he could reply, Thomas had puffed off to play with Percy.

Thomas and Percy decide to play hide-and-seek, but when Percy went to hide, Thomas raced back to the Docks. When he got there, Cranky was still cross. Eventually, Thomas persuades the crane to show the logging engines how to load freight and Thomas steams away to find Percy. Thomas was so busy worrying about the freight that he did not see Percy hiding. Soon Thomas gives up and races back to the docks, leaving a sad Percy all alone in his hiding place.

Thomas thunders into the docks, where he finds Cranky loading Ferdinand onto a ship. Thomas orders Cranky to unload Ferdinand at once and returns to find Percy. This time, it is Percy who gives up and he comes out of his hiding place. Thomas had upset Percy and he had not loaded the freight with the Logging Locos. He felt terrible, until an idea pops into his funnel.

Thomas and Percy puff back to the docks together, where they both show the Logging Locos how to load their flatbeds with freight. Percy thought it was great fun - and even Cranky agrees that being really useful is the most fun of all.




  • Ferdinand should not have been in steam when Cranky lifted him.