Thomas' Christmas Party and 17 Other Stories is a UK VHS release. It features two first season episodes and nine second season episodes narrated by Ringo Starr, and seven third season episodes narrated by Michael Angelis. It was released on VHS and DVD under the title Thomas Celebrates Christmas for Norwegian audiences.



Join the Christmas celebration with Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. In ninety minutes you can enjoy eighteen episodes where you meet the famous and precious engine.

Thomas is a little engine, but he is quick and cheeky. He lives at the railway station on the Island of Sodor. He has to share the engine shed with some bigger engines - Gordon, Edward, Henry, James, and Toby. But no one works as hard as Thomas, or so he says. That's why he likes to tease the others when they sigh and complain: I get no rest, I get no rest!



  1. Thomas' Christmas Party - Thomas and his friends say 'thank you' to a nice old lady and everyone has a very happy Christmas.
  2. Thomas, Terence and the Snow - The day comes when Thomas is very glad to have Terence around.
  3. Percy and Harold - Harold the Helicopter is being a nuisance. Percy and his driver surprise him.
  4. Dirty Work - Diesel is sulking and decides to make trouble.
  5. Better Late Than Never - Delays make life difficult for Thomas.
  6. Cows - Edward has an accident. Gordon and Henry tease him, but Edward has the last laugh.
  7. Bertie's Chase - Dashing Bertie races to the rescue.
  8. Duck Takes Charge - Percy is pleased when a new engine called Duck arrives.
  9. The Deputation - When Donald and Douglas come to Henry's rescue, the other engines give their full support.
  10. Daisy - The Fat Controller sends for Daisy, a diesel rail-car, to help run his Railway.
  11. Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree - The Fat Controller is planning a big celebration, but Thomas goes missing on an important mission.
  12. A Scarf for Percy - Percy dreams of a warm scarf around his funnel to keep out the winter winds.
  13. Donald's Duck - Duck makes a new friend.
  14. Henry's Forest - Henry's favourite place in the forest. He is very sad when a storm damages the trees.
  15. No Joke for James - James plays a trick on Gordon.
  16. Buzz, Buzz - James boasts about his bravery, but when a swarm of bees start swarming around him he wishes they would get back to making honey.
  17. Oliver Owns Up - Oliver learns that Trucks can be troublesome.
  18. Thomas and Percy's Christmas Adventure - The snowfalls have come, villagers are stranded. Harold, Terence, Thomas and Percy come to the rescue.


  1. Thomas' Christmas Party
  2. Thomas, Terence and the Snow
  3. Percy and Harold
  4. Aspersions
  5. Better Late Than Never
  6. Cows
  7. A Friend in Need
  8. Duck Handles It
  9. The Deputation
  10. Daisy
  11. Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree
  12. A Scarf for Percy
  13. Donald's Duck
  14. Henry's Forest
  15. No Joke for James
  16. James and the Bees
  17. Oliver Gets Wiser
  18. Thomas and Percy's Christmas Adventure


  • Although Cows is an even-numbered episode, the credits uses the last scene from Duck Takes Charge.


  • On the back cover of the UK VHS, Junior Campbell's name is misnamed as "Cambell".
  • In the Norwegian releases, the description says that Toby is bigger than Thomas and that he lives at Tidmouth Sheds.
  • In the Norwegian episode selections, the scene from Bertie's Chase is mirrored.



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