Thomas' Busy Day is a book that was included in the Me Reader and 8-Book Library.


One morning, Sir Topham Hatt gave the engines their jobs. Thomas wanted to know who was the busiest worker on the Island. His first job was to drop off some passengers at the seaside. On the way, he passed Murdoch and Bertie who were busy on their jobs, then passed at Brendam where Cranky was unloading some cargo for Rosie. She states it's her third load already.

Thomas later met Terence at the farm on the way to his next job. The tractor tells Thomas that he has a lot of land to till.

Thomas had to collect some cargo when he passed Harold and Bulstrode. He peeped "Hello!" to them, but they were too busy to chat.

All day, Thomas saw his friends are working very hard, such as Stanley and Mavis having their trucks filled with coal, Percy collecting passengers by the seaside, and Emily pulling a heavy coal train.

At the end of the day, Sir Topham Hatt asks Thomas who is the busiest engine. Thomas replied that he is, as keeping up with his hardworking friends is the hardest job of all!



  • Stanley is depicted as a 0-4-0 in the eighth illustration.
  • Toby's sideplate that goes along with the bufferbeam is red.

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