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Situated north of Elsbridge on Thomas' Branch Line, there is a large watermill, It has appeared regularly since the second season and has even made it past the switchover and is now seen in full CGI.

The Watermill Bridge is occasionally seen in parts of the series but is not a major location in any episodes apart from Three Steam Engines Gruff in which it is the main location of the episode. Thomas, Percy and Toby all believed that there was a troll underneath the bridge due to some noises being heard, but it was a cow that escaped a field so then she got rescued by Trevor and was returned back to the field.


Television Series



  • A scene of the watermill from the third season episode, Percy's Promise, was used in the opening credits for the sixth season.
  • The watermill has appeared in the opening credits for the New Series and the CGI Series.
  • In Thomas and the Magic Railroad, the guard rails and arch disappear and the arch is covered by various shrubbery instead. The building also gains an additional window.
  • The number of tracks inconsistently changes between 1 and 2.


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