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The Water Works

The Water Works is a large water works located at Great Waterton.

The Water Works consists of some large buildings which housed the steam pumping engines, as well as the standpipe tower which dwarfs all the buildings. Inside the water works, there have been two steam pumping engines with a large stationary boiler to provide steam pressure.

The standpipe tower has a huge iron pipe inside its structure; its purpose is to allow the steam pumping engines to pump the water up the standpipe and then, by gravity, the pressure inside the standpipe moves the water along the water mains towards all the other towns. Once the water works closed the standpipe tower fell into disrepair, and it was a huge undertaking to restore the standpipe - especially as Thomas' trick on Stanley caused the trucks to crash into it. Now, the standpipe tower looks as good as new. Harvey is said to work here.


  • The water works is based upon the Kew Bridge Steam Museum in London, which is housed in a steam-driven pumping station, originally used for pumping clean water for all of London.