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This article is about 'the bridge'. You may be looking for 'the magazine story'.

The Viaduct has appeared in the television series as well as the Railway Series, such as when Gordon lost his dome in 1957. It was repaired in Better Late Than Never in 1985. The viaduct is located west of Cronk and east of Maron. It goes over Hawin Ab.

It is not to be confused with the Big DipperHoo Valley Viaduct, Callan Viaduct, or the viaduct mentioned in Haunted Henry.


Railway Series

Television Series

Magazine Stories


  • According to concept art, the TV series model was originally intended to have three lines of track instead of two.
  • The TV model of the viaduct is now on display at Drayton Manor, however it was shortened and it has only one track running on it.
  • In the CGI Series, the river running underneath The Viaduct seems to have been replaced by trees and a forest.
  • This bridge is used elsewhere:


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