“She wants to go back! And so do I, but we can't! The Manager's relying on me to save those climbers! We must go through! We must!”
―No. 6 thinking bravely, Mountain Engines

There are two special items of rolling stock on the Culdee Fell Railway, known by the staff as the "Trucks". They are used for goods and maintenance duties.


The Railway Series

The "Trucks" are flatwagons made in the Works from the wheels and frames of two former open-sided coaches. A small passenger and Guard's compartment is at the front, then comes a water tank, and on the rest of the "flat" partitions can be pegged in suitable positions to hold any type of load required. For instance every day, first thing in the morning from Easter to Michaelmas, one of the "Trucks" is loaded with 400 gallons of water, and 1 ton of coal while Stationmen and the Staff of Summit Restaurant climb aboard with whatever stores they are likely to need during the day. They must reach the top whatever the weather at Devil’s Back, and they must be brought down again in the evening. The “Trucks” are also liable to be called out at any time in case of accident, rescue, or other emergency. They are therefore important vehicles and always kept available on their own road in the shed.

Although they are not allocated to any specific engine, there was a period when one of them worked exclusively with No. 6 when the Manager took him off passenger duty and his name away. Once, they battled through a gale at Devil's Back in order to rescue some injured climbers at the Summit.

Technical Details


The "Trucks" are based on the Snowdon Mountain Railway's maintenance rolling stock, also known as "the Truck".


The "Trucks" passenger compartment's are painted dark brown.



  • Popular belief on the Snowdon Mountain Railway is that the normal carriages could cross the Clogwyn ridge if the gripper held to the guard-rail. This theory has never been tested.


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Wooden Railway
2002 (value pack)
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