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"The passengers don't trust you! You will take 'The Truck' instead!"
— The manager to No. 6 - Mountain Engines


The Truck

The Truck, also known as "The Tool Van", is a special item of rolling stock used for goods and maintenance duties on the Culdee Fell Railway.

She is also used for stores and rescue trains, as she is the only rolling stock known to be capable of crossing the fearsome Devil's Back during a gale. For these trains, she is loaded with sandbags and her tank is filled with water to increase her weight. Although she is not allocated to any specific engine, there was a period when she worked exclusively with No. 6 when the Manager took him off passenger duty and his name away.


The Truck is based on the Snowdon Mountain Railway's rolling stock, also known as "the Truck".



  • Popular belief on the Snowdon Mountain Railway is that the normal carriages could cross the Clogwyn ridge if the gripper held to the guard-rail. This theory has never been tested.



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