“A car should be a car and engines should be sent for scrap!”

The Trainroller is a magazine story.


It is a beautiful day on the Island of Sodor as Emily takes her Seaside Special full of people going to the beach. Then, Emily spots George the grumpy steamroller using his heavy roller to flatten a new road surface. Emily then notices that the road George is rolling is alongside the main road, alongside the promenade. The new road is only just wide enough for George. Emily is curious until George tells her that the new road is actually a cycle lane.

Emily pulls up at the beach station and her passengers eargerly step off the train. Emily and George hear a hooting sound and both spot a small train with carriages moving along the promenade. George has never seen the strange vehicle before, but Emily has. She tells George it's the Car-Train for seaside rides and it has a motor and tyres. George doesn't like the thought of a Car-Train; a car should be a car and engines should be scrapped.

The next day, Emily pulls the Seaside Special again and George has finished the cycle lane. Emily spots the Car-Train whose motor makes a strange noise before it breaks down. Emily knows who can help.

Shortly, the Car-Train's carriages are hooked up behind George on the cycle track. George isn't too pleased with his new job of hauling carriages of holidaymakers along the seafront to start with, but soon begins to enjoy himself. Emily thinks George makes a very useful "trainroller".



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