“Now we know what Thomas feels like after a busy day!”

The Train Game is a magazine story.


Stephen and Bridget sadly watch the rain beating against the window of their grandparents' house. The children decide to see who can draw the best picture of Thomas. Bridget draws Thomas' face and holds it in front of her own. She shows it to Lady Hatt who helps her cut it out and turn it into a proper mask.

That afternoon, Lady Hatt has to go out; she has promised the vicar that she would help out at the children's playgroup. She takes Bridget and Stephen along too. The children also take a bag of their toys and Bridget takes the Thomas mask. At the main station, Thomas is surprised to see Bridget's mask. The tank engine takes them to the church hall where the vicar is waiting to greet them.

Later, the children are very impressed with Bridget's mask and all want a turn at wearing it. Lady Hatt thinks carefully before asking the children to form a line behind Bridget in her mask. The children are puzzled but they obey. The vicar then blows a whistle and Lady Hatt tells Bridget to walk around the hall with the other children following her. They are pretending to be Thomas and his trucks. They play the game until it is time to go home.



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