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The Thomas the Tank Engine Man is the official biography of the Rev. W. Awdry.


  • Introduction - "Points of Departure"
  • Prologue - "The Station Master's Office"
  • Chapter 1 - "'Eyes full of twinkle'"
  • Chapter 2 - "'I am working very hard'"
  • Chapter 3 - "'A very charming fellow indeed'"
  • Chapter 4 - "On the Right Lines"
  • Chapter 5 - "'A Little Engine Called Edward'"
  • Chapter 6 - "'A Cheeky Little Engine'"
  • Chapter 7 - "'A Splendid Red Engine'"
  • Chapter 8 - "The Discovery of Sodor"
  • Chapter 9 - "Branching Out"
  • Chapter 10 - "New Lines on Old Lines"
  • Chapter 11 - "Steaming On!"
  • Chapter 12 - "All Change!"
  • Chapter 13 - "End of the Line?"
  • Chapter 14 - "Full Steam Ahead!"
  • Chapter 15 - "Really Useful Engines"
  • Chapter 16 - "Destinations"
  • Epilogue - "Journey's End" (2015 edition)
  • Acknowledgements (2015 edition)
  • Index


  • The book is dedicated to Margaret Awdry and George Awdry. The updated edition is also dedicated to both Wilbert Awdry and Hilary Fortnam.
  • On the 13th May 1986 Brain Sibley narrated a program for BBC Radio 4 under the same name, (later repeated on 10th January 1987) and later a television documentary by Nicholas Jones, also of the same name was broadcasted on BBC 2 on 25 February 1995. The documentary was also repeated two years later on 15 April 1997 in honour to commemorate the passing of Wilbert Awdry.
  • A new edition of the book was originally going to be released on 7 July 2015 by Lion Books. The publication date is pushed to 15 May.
  • Daniel Coffey, Sam Wilkinson and Owen Bell were all acknowledged for helping Brian on the updated edition, while Gyles Brandreth also contributed in writing the forward for the book.
  • Lion Hudson (also known as Lion Books) approached Brian Sibley, and decided to help republish the book after Egmont Publishing denied his request.


  • George Carlin's surname is misspelled "Carling" in the original edition. This was later corrected in the updated edition.