This article is about 'the magazine story'. You may be looking for 'the episode or the Thomas Story Time book'.

The Sounds of Sodor is a magazine story, illustrated using images from the CGI television series.


Thomas has been given the special job of taking a great composer around the island so he can hear the sounds of Sodor. The composer will then write a song about all the sounds he heard.

On his way to Knapford, Thomas hears lots of animal noises and assumes that they are the sort of noises the great composer would like to hear. Just then, Emily clatters loudly by. Thomas hopes the noisy engines will not ruin the sounds for him.

At Knapford, Thomas picks up the famous composer and he tells Thomas that he will write his song as they travel along. Thomas goes to the Whistling Woods first, but Gordon thunders noisily past. Thomas is very cross.

Next, Thomas takes the composer to Maithwaite Forest. It is very peaceful until Mavis rattles by. Thomas is annoyed, but Mavis tells the tank engine that the quarry is closed. So, Thomas decides to take the great composer there; if it is shut, it is bound to be quiet. On the way to the quarry, Thomas has to brake hard to avoid hitting a fallen tree. The great composer's music sheet flies out of Annie's window and are blown away, just as he had finished it, too. Thomas is confused as to how the composer managed to write his song with all the noisy engines. The composer tells Thomas that the noise of the engines were what gave him the song ideas. Thomas feels awful as he realises that his friends are the true sounds of Sodor.

Thomas finds his friend Percy and asks him to bring all the engines he can find to the Town Square. Percy is pleased to help and quickly finds Mavis and Gordon who are also happy to help.

At the Town Square, the great composer conducts a brass band as the engines peep along with their whistles. Everyone thinks the song is wonderful as it really captures the sounds of Sodor.