“My hat has vanished so I can't pull out the rabbit!”
―Mr. Bubbles

The Snowman's Hat is a magazine story.


It is almost Christmas on the Island of Sodor and there is to be a Christmas talent show in the Town Square. Snow had fallen heavily and the children are busy building a snowman. It is made from three giant snowballs with a bright orange carrot for its nose and pieces of coal for its eyes. However, the children are not happy. They tell Thomas that their snowman does not have a hat and without it, the snowman is unfinished. Thomas feels sad as he puffs away thoughtfully.

The Fat Controller had asked Thomas to pick up an important parcel from Knapford. On the way, Thomas passes Farmer McColl's Farm and sees a brown hat on a hay bale. Thomas thinks that the hat will be great for the children's snowman and he instructs his driver to pick it up.

Passing through Maron, Thomas spots an even bigger and better hat on a bench. Thomas asks his driver to pick up that hat, too. As they clatter through Maithwaite, Thomas picks up a third hat on a suitcase which is even better than the previous two.

When Thomas finally arrives at Knapford, Thomas collects the Fat Controller's important parcel and speeds to the Town Square. Farmer McColl, the Brass Band and Mr. Bubbles are all there and they are not looking happy. Farmer McColl explains that his sheepdog cannot "hunt the hat" for the talent show as he is missing his brown hat. The conductor of the brass band explains that he also cannot conduct the band without his big hat. Mr. Bubbles is missing his hat too and he needs to pull a rabbit out of it in the talent show. Thomas owns up to taking the hats and says that he is sorry. All the hats are returned to their rightful owners.

Then, the Fat Controller arrives and asks for his parcel from Knapford. The Fat Controller opens up the parcel and reveals a brand new top-hat. He then gives his old hat to the children to put on their snowman.

The talent show commences and the children cheer. Then, everyone takes off their hats and waves them at the giant snowman who now has a top-hat all of his own.




  • Sir Topham Hatt is said to put the top-hat on the giant snowman, but the image shows a little boy putting the hat on the snowman instead.


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