“Would yae listen to that bonnie sound! It's just like goin' home!”
―Donald and Douglas referring to Lord Callan's bagpipe playing

The Scottish Connection is a magazine story illustrated using photographs from the television series.


The Fat Controller has been invited to dinner at Callan Castle on a misty loch in Scotland. A parcel arrives for the Fat Controller, but before he opens it, he speaks to Donald and Douglas. The Fat Controller knows how much his twin engines miss Scotland, so he tells them that they can take him to Callan Castle. Donald and Douglas are delighted.

Before long, Donald and Douglas can see Callan Castle through the mist and mizzle. They can also hear the jaunty tunes being played by Lord Callan on his bagpipes. When the Fat Controller meets Lord Callan, he tells him of how he and the twins have enjoyed the views. Then Lord Callan says that everyone thinks Sir Topham Hatt looks very grand in the kilt he had sent him.




  • Lord Callan and his castle are said to be in Scotland.