“I must say the Sodor railway is one big scenic railway, but I'm sure I'll have plenty of passengers all the same!”

The Scenic Railway is a magazine story.


Duck has to collect a new engine to take to a Scenic Railway at the Holiday Camp. Sidney, the engine, begins to boast at how amazing the views from his railways will be. Duck argues back saying his line is more picturesque.

Later, Sidney, on his flatbed, is put at the back of a mixed goods train. He then travels across Sodor, seeing the sights, such as the Skarloey Railway, and the tall viaduct, which is a little too high for Sidney's liking.

But when the journey is over, Sidney admits that maybe he was wrong about whose line would have better views. Duck smiles, and promises Sidney that he will bring plenty of passengers to him on his new railway.



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