This article is about the magazine story. You may be looking for the episode.
"We must not let this happen again!"
— The inspector

The Runaway is a magazine story.


Thomas the Tank Engine falls ill, and he has to be taken to the works, because the workmen were not able to make him feel better. While Thomas is away, Duck is happy to help Percy and Toby, as well as to pull Annie and Clarebel, who compliment on his nice manners because he was very gentle to them.

When Thomas feels better, the coaches tell him how well Duck had manage to take care of them, which makes him forget to be jealous of him. However there is one problem – his handbrake was very stiff, which made his brakes seems like they were on, when they were not. This leads to a result of causing Thomas to often over-run the platform, which he found was embarrassing, and his crew eventually learned to be extra careful with the brakes.

But one day, Thomas’ fireman has fallen ill and a relief man takes his place while he is away. However the new fireman had forgotten about Thomas’ handbrake, as Thomas slowly starts to move away from the station – much to the surprise of everyone, who were left behind.

Soon the alarm went down the line, and Harold the Helicopter is ready for action to find Thomas with the inspector on board! As Thomas starts to slow down, he saw Harold landing near the next station, with the inspector carefully jumps into his cab and screw the brake hard on. And at last, Thomas came to a stop – much to their relief and thanks Harold for his rescue action. Thomas wearily agrees as the inspector tells him that they must not let it happen again.




  • In one picture, Duck's wheels are green.


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