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This article is about the magazine story. You may be looking for the rolling stock.

The Posh Coaches is a read and colour magazine story.


During the busy holiday season, the Fat Controller borrows some coaches from the mainland to help him out. The coaches are very posh, so posh that they insult Annie and Clarabel and don't even speak to Diesel. The posh coaches stay in the sidings, and a friend of the Fat Controller, a museum owner, expresses interest in buying them, so when Diesel tells the posh coaches about him they decide to be useful instead. After their work, the posh coaches are dirty and the museum owner doesn't realise they are the coaches he wanted to buy. The Fat Controller tells him that the posh coaches aren't for sale; they are just on loan to his railway.



  • One of the posh coaches doesn't have any coupling gear in the first illustration.

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