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“It's a bit dark and gloomy around here. Isn't it Reg?"
"Not really, Percy. It's no different from usual."
"Exactly! And this is a special time of year, when the rest of the island
does look different from usual. All twinkly, and lovely, and magical.”
―Percy and Reg

The Perfect Gift is the twentieth (fourteenth in Australia) episode of the eighteenth season.


The whole island is celebrating Christmas and there are decorations everywhere. But it does not look very festive at the scrap yard. Percy starts to worry that Reg is missing out and he tries to find something to give Reg to cheer him up. But Reg only seems happy about scrap. Percy discovers that Reg is celebrating Christmas in his own way and has been making decorations from the scrap‏.


Some children and passengers also speak.




  • Martin Sherman as Thomas and Percy
  • Tim Whitnall as Reg
  • Keith Wickham as the Passengers
  • Teresa Gallagher as School children and the passengers



  • This is the last episode produced by Robert Anderson, and the first produced by Brian Lynch.
  • In Australia, this episode was first available to view on the ABC iView online service on December 21st before its television broadcast.
  • The traditional song, "The Twelve Days of Christmas", is heard instrumentally three times throughout the episode.
  • Going by production order, this is the fourteenth episode of the eighteenth season.


  • The flatbed in front of Percy at the scrapyard seems to appear out of nowhere.


In Other Languages

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Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese O presente perfeito
Chinese 完美的礼物
Czech Perfektní dárek
Dutch Het Allermooiste Cadeau
French Le Noël de Reg
Hungarian A Tökéletes Ajándék
Japanese レッジのクリスマスプレゼント
Korean 완벽한 선물
Norwegian Den perfekte gaven
Polish Prezent idealny
Romanian Cadoul Perfect
Russian Идеальный подарок
Spanish El regalo Perfecto
Thai ของขวัญล้ำค่า

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