This page is for minor vehicle characters who have appeared in the Railway Series and Thomas & Friends. These characters were either unseen and only mentioned, or simply appeared as background characters without any speaking roles and were nameless.

JTK 62

In the sixth illustration of Steamroller, a blue car with the number plate JTK 62 can be seen. This references both the initials of the illustrator, John T. Kenney, and the year in which the book was published, 1962.


JTK 62 is based on a 1962 Wolseley.



Bulgy's Friend

“Bulgy's friend has come, he's red and rude too! He's taking Bulgy's passengers home, so as to leave him free to steal ours!”
―Oliver to Duck[src]

Bulgy's Friend is a red double-decker bus that is one of Bulgy's close friends, although he was not seen in the railway series or the television series, he did appear in the My Thomas Story LibraryBulgy, however, he appeared to be faceless.


Bulgy's friend was mentioned by Oliver as being rude, just like Bulgy, as he was trying to take Bulgy's passengers home so that Bulgy can steal Duck and Oliver's passengers.


Bulgy's friend is based on an AEC Bridgemaster bus, like Bulgy.


Bulgy's friend is painted similar to Bulgy, red and cream, though he has a light grey middle section.



  • 2003 - Bulgy (does not speak; faceless)


The Orange Caterpillar Crane

This article is about the Railway Series crane. You may be looking for the television series cranes.

The Orange Caterpillar Crane is a construction-based vehicle that is owned by some workmen. He/she was once seen working near the Ffarquhar Branch Line.


The Railway Series

When the water level in a stream near Hackenbeck rose to a dangerous level, the wooden bridge across the stream started to break apart and eventually collapsed. The line was closed down whilst the bridge was in progress of being mended, some workmen and the orange caterpillar crane owned by them helped to mend the broken bridge.

Technical Details


The orange caterpillar crane is painted dark orange with black lining.


The Railway Series


George's Friends

“I'd build a road along your old tracks. Nothing to it. My mates have done it all over the place!”
―George to Daisy, Thomas Comes Home

George's Friends are steamrollers and friends of George. Like George, they are anti-rail and are known for ripping up railway lines and turning them into roads.

When George worked near Thomas' Branch Line, he told Daisy that friends of his have paved roads over old railway lines and he was eager to do the same on Sodor.


The Railway Series

The Chinese Caterpillar Crane

The Chinese Caterpillar Crane works alongside a railway in China. He was once taken by Yong Bao to lift a steam engine back onto the rails.


The crane is painted yellow with a black roof.

The Chinese Helicopter

The Chinese Helicopter is a rescue helicopter that works in China.


The helicopter is painted red and white.

The Chinese Cargo Ship

The Chinese Cargo Ship is a cargo ship that Thomas once met on his visit to China.


The cargo ship is painted white, red and grey.

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