“...the one-eyed truck still wanders the forest, blowing his whistle and looking for a headlamp. Maybe he wants yours!”

The One-eyed Truck is a ghost Kelly told a story about.


According to the tale, it was an old steam truck who had one of his headlamps stolen by a loader. The loader managed to get away, but, according to legend, the one-eyed truck still haunts Maithwaite Forest looking for a new headlamp.

After teasing Alfie and Percy about the story, Max and Monty were sent to dump some dirt at Maithwaite Forest. They heard a shrill whistle and saw a single headlamp, becoming convinced that it was the one-eyed truck. They ran away in fright, but soon they felt silly when they realised it was Thomas.


Television series


  • The one-eyed truck is based on the fable tale about "the One-eyed Jack".
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