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Theofficialwebsite1,, or, is the official website of Thomas and Friends. The English website was launched in 1996 by The Britt Allcroft Company.

The first version of the site was created by NetSite Productions Limited.

In 2015, the website underwent a major overhaul, it now has two separate home pages for children and parents.

HiT Entertainment has also launched official Thomas and Friends websites in other languages.


  • Games
  • Characters
  • Videos
  • Fun activities
  • TV information
  • My Station
  • Downloads

List of all the official websites around the world



  • Most recently, when you move the mouse over the "Home" icon on the UK website, the Fat Controller speaks with his US voice. Interestingly, on the US site, the Fat Controller speaks with his UK voice, but on some options he speaks with his US voice.
  • On the UK website, when the "Meet the Earl" video clip was released on King of the Railway minisite, the US version was shown, the same error recently occurred on the video clips on the UK Spills and Thrills site.
  • Mavis uses the term "cars" on the UK website.
  • The current "What's New" UK page shows a Thomas & Friends Live advert for Singapore, although Singapore is not part of the UK.
  • Characters such as Terence, BoCo, George, Max and Monty are not included in the Engine Depot.
  • Several characters are missing from the Japanese site, such as Bash, Luke, Winston, Owen, and Merrick.
  • On the Dutch Tale of the Brave minisite, in the activity to find Timothy, it tells you to remove the "auto's" (the trucks) to see which engine is hiding. However, "auto" is Dutch for "automobile".
  • The site title of the UK News page is incorrectly titled Thomas de Stoomlocomotief: Nieuw.
  • Currently, when you are on the Taiwanese website and you go over the steamcloud with THOMAS & FRIENDS above with your mouse, it does not say 'home', but 'apps'.
  • On the US website's front page, the Tale of the Brave clip of Percy rescuing James from the landslide was from the UK dub, as James had his UK voice.
  • Despite being made in full CGI, Donald and Douglas' picture still shows them in their model forms.
  • On the US website, Sam's bio section incorrectly lists information about Spencer instead of Sam.
  • Skarloey, Rheneas, Sir Handel, Peter Sam, and Rusty's promos show them off the rails.
  • Annie and Clarabel's promos:
    • Clarabel is missing her guard compartment.
    • Both coaches are shown with their coupling chains sticking forward, but another chain can be seen hanging down.


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