"Humph! Very important people should really be picked up by a splendid red engine like me! Fancy choosing little Thomas!"
— James

The New Station is a magazine story.


Thomas is very pleased; he's been given the job of collecting some very important people to open a new station on his branch line. James is annoyed as he thinks a shiny red engine like himself should get the job of collecting the important people.

Later, Thomas puffed to the harbour with Annie and Clarabel where the very important people climbed aboard. On his way to the new station, Thomas approached a bend in the line. Rather oddly, the signal was red. The driver climbed down and ran ahead to see what the trouble was. He came back and told Thomas that James has broken down ahead and is sulking about not being chosen to collect the important people. Thomas is uncoupled from his train and he shunts James into a siding to wait for an engineer. Thomas then collects his train and sets off again.

At the station, the Fat Controller is annoyed at Thomas for being late. The very important people soon tell him about Thomas saving James, which makes he Fat Controller happy again and the opening party begins.

As for James, he had to spend a week at the Works and thought he would never boast again.



  • In the first illustration, the inside of James' portholes are yellow, his whistle is white, and both engines' coupling hooks are white.
  • In the sixth illustration, Thomas and James' buffers and brake pipes are white.


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