“Pah! I don't think he's brought any holly at all!”
―James referring to Henry's driver

The Missing Holly! is a magazine story.


Christmas is approaching on the Island of Sodor. The engines love this time of year, particularly when their shed is decorated. All of the drivers get together and each bring something to make the shed look more festive. This year, Thomas' driver is supplying the tree, Gordon's driver is bringing the lights, James' driver is providing mistletoe and Henry's driver is going to bring some holly.

Sure enough, the next day, the drivers begin to decorate the shed. Everything is going well until James spots that the holly is missing. Henry explains that his driver has mislaid the holly, but James doesn't believe him. Henry feels embarassed; he knows that his driver is having a hard time finding some holly and hopes that his driver will deliver on his obligation soon.

Suddenly, James' driver shouts out in pain. He had been moving a sack when something pricked him. Henry's driver remembers that he put his holly into a sack and it is very prickly stuff. So, the holly is put up and the shed's decorations are complete.

Finally, the Fat Controller arrives with the final touch - a big banner which reads "HAPPY CHRISTMAS". The engines are very happy with their festive-looking shed.



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