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"The magic lamp, I know isn't true
it's just an old story, and quite silly too!
— Peter Sam

The Magic Lamp is the fourteenth (seventeenth in Australia) episode of the ninth season.


The winch at the incline has broken down. While waiting for new parts for the winch, Skarloey tells the engines about Proteus and his magic lamp, fabled to grant wishes to its finder. Peter Sam scoffs at the tale, but when he takes a wrong turn and finds clues that the tale claims hints to the location of the lamp, he starts to have faith, until he finds that the lamps he sees are a fogman's lamp, a bonfire at a campsite, and last of all, Harold's light. Harold directs Peter Sam to the right line, and Peter Sam realises that maybe just believing in the lamp will grant your wishes.




  • In the shots of Harold facing the camera while speaking to Peter Sam, Peter Sam's small-scale model is used.
  • Going by production order, this is the seventeenth episode of the ninth season.


  • At the beginning of the episode, Rusty has a chuffing sound.
  • When Thomas arrives at the Transfer Yards, the narrator says "All of the narrow gauge engines were there." However, Mighty Mac and Sir Handel are absent.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Dutch De toverlamp The Magic Lamp
Norwegian Den magiske lampen The Magic Lamp
Japanese まほうのランプ The Magic Lamp
Danish Den Magiske Lampe The Magic Lamp
Hungarian A varázslámpa The Magic Lamp
German Die Wunderlampe The Magic Lamp
Italian La Lampada Magica The Magic Lamp
Greek Η μαγική Λαμπά The Magic Lamp
Gaelic An Lampa Dhraoidheil The Magic Lamp
Chinese 神灯 TDP
Korean 마법의 등불 Magic Lantern
Spanish La Lámpara Mágica The Magic Lamp
Russian Волшебная лампа Magic Lamp
Portuguese A Lâmpada Mágica The Magic Lamp
Romanian Lampa Magică The Magic Lamp
Czech Kouzelné světlo Magical Light
Polish Magiczna lampa The Magic Lamp
Slovak Kúzelné svetlo Magic Light
Swedish Den magiska lampan The Magic Lamp
Thai ตะเกียงวิเศษ Magic Lamp
Finnish Taikalamppu The Magic Lamp

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