This article is about the Chinese DVD. You may be looking for the episode or the magazine story.

Scruff's Makeover is a Chinese DVD featuring five episodes from the seventeenth series. It was released under the title, The Lost Puff for Thai audiences. It was released under the title, Steamer Stafford for Croatian audiences.



Scruff works with Whiff at the Waste Dump collecting rubbish trucks. When the Fat Controller sees how rusty and dirty Scruff looks, he insists that he goes straight to the Steamworks to be repainted. Soon the other engines are telling Scruff how smart he looks, so he decides he doesn't want to work at the dirty Waste Dump anymore. He tries asking Percy, Thomas and Gordon if he can do their jobs instead, but eventually Scruff realises that the only way to be Really Useful is to do his own job at the Waste Dump, even if it means getting really dirty.


PEEP! PEEP! Ready! Get Set! Go! Join in the excitement with Thomas & Friends on the Island of Sodor.



  1. Steamie Stafford
  2. Gordon Runs Dry
  3. The Lost Puff
  4. Kevin's Cranky Friend
  5. Scruff's Makeover


  1. Steamie Stafford
  2. Gordon Runs Dry
  3. Kevin's Cranky Friend
  4. Scruff's Makeover


  • The front cover of the Croatian DVD is a mock up of the Spills and Thrills DVD cover art.


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