The Honey Bee Express is a printable book from the Fisher-Price website. A paperback version was included in the UK Spills and Thrills release, along with Thomas and the Giant Jelly and Too Many Trucks.


Rosie is taking some barrels of honey from the farm and to the bakery. Thomas sees Rosie with the special cargo, which makes him jealous as he loves honey and wants to take it for himself. So he cheekily bumps Rosie's trucks. Unfortunately, the bump is so hard that Rosie is derailed and a big barrel of honey flies up into the air and spills all over Thomas. Thomas does not mind the honey spill, but with Rosie off the tracks, she cannot deliver the honey. Thomas decides to do while she waits for Harvey to rescue her.

Thomas is happy that he is delivering the honey, but he passes some beehives and a swarm of bees start following Thomas due to him being covered in honey. Because he does not like being around by bees, Thomas chuffs away in a fright. This surprises Gordon as he does not like being overtaken someone faster than him.

Thomas fell off the tracks from going too fast at a sharp bend, though Harvey is there and kindly lifts the blue tank engine and his trucks back. Just then, Rosie arrives and thinks Thomas looks funny. She asks if she will take the honey again, which Thomas replies "Yes please, Rosie", and apologises for bumping her. Rosie forgives Thomas, and heads off to the bakery. Thomas tells Harvey that he will go the washdown, and puffs to himself that he does not like honey anymore



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