“With your red paint, you're not so much a greenhouse as a redhouse!"
―Thomas and Bulgy

The Greenhouse Bus! is a magazine story.


Thomas finds out that the children are studying plants at school. Later, Thomas sees Bulgy and, after hearing his complaint about hens, feels sorry for him. That night Thomas dreams that the shed is a greenhouse and that he is growing taller than Gordon, but his dream ends abruptly when a storm spreads across Sodor. Thomas soon discovers that the school's greenhouse is broken, so he takes the children to Bulgy to use him as a greenhouse bus (or, as Thomas says, a "redhouse" bus).



  • In the first illustration, Annie's window is not coloured in.
  • In the fifth illustration, Bulgy's wheel is coloured red.
  • In the eighth illustration, Gordon's running board is blue


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