The Greatest Stories: The Adventures of Thomas, James, and Henry is a Dutch DVD featuring eleven first season episodes, one second season episode, seven third season episodes, and four fourth season episodes.


  1. James and the Express Train
  2. James and the Passenger Coaches
  3. Tricky Wagons
  4. Thomas and the Breakdown Train
  5. Coal Wagons and Turntables
  6. A Nasty Case
  7. Old Rust
  8. Difficulties
  9. Buzz
  10. Percy, James and the Soup
  11. The Sad Story of Henry
  12. James is Not Funny
  13. Edward, Gordon and Henry
  14. Coal
  15. The Flying Fish
  16. Whistles and Sneezes
  17. Henry's Forest
  18. Coal Wagons
  19. Henry and the Elephant
  20. Paint Pots and Queens
  21. Fish
  22. Oliver Owns Up
  23. Toad Stands By


  • The picture of Thomas on the menus is mirrored.


  • Thomas' eyes are wonky on the menu.


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