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This article is about the book. You may be looking for the special or the storybook.

The Great Race is a book based on the special of the same name.



  • There are a few differences between the film and the book:
    • Philip does not participate in the Great Race.
    • When Thomas got covered in paint, there is less paint on him in the book than in the film.
    • When Thomas crashes into Norman, Thomas loses his left buffer but in the movie, he loses his right.
    • Thomas was at Vicarstown and says goodbye to the engines heading to the mainland, rather than at the Steamworks.
    • The Vicarstown Bridge is different in the book rather than in the film. It strongly resembles a green painted version of the Sydney Harbour Bridge with rails and also Thomas doesn't jump it.
    • Vinnie participates in the Great Race, but in the special, he participated in the Strength competition. Because of Philip's absence, the subplot between the two was never touched in the book.


  • Andrew Brenner is not credited in the book. Only Wilbert Awdry is credited on the spine.
  • The story states that Gordon received a new nameplate after he was streamlined, but he never appears with one in the book or the special.
  • Thomas' rear lining is missing when Ashima rescues him.
  • Emily and James are not painted in the liveries they received for the Best Decorated Engine Parade.
  • When Thomas is at the Steamworks, Victor is on standard gauge track.
  • In the shunting race, Thomas was said to compete against bigger engines, but the other engines are the same size as him. This is most likely due to the fact Vinnie was going to be the competition in the actual special.



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