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“Flyover my funnel!”

The Flyover! is a magazine story.


One day, James slows down as he approaches a level crossing just outside Tidmouth. He spies two men holding clipboard and assumes they are checking up on him. The men explain that they are counting the road traffic. James is confused; he can think of better things to do than count cars. As James puffs away, Trevor approaches the crossing and asks the men what they are doing. The men tell him that they are seeing if the road is busy enough to warrant building a flyover. Trevor is puzzled; he has never flown before.

Later that afternoon, James stops at a signal close to Trevor. The traction engine tells James about the flyover and says that he will not be delayed anymore as he will be able to fly over the engines as if they are not there. Back at the crossing, the men make a decision. The road is defintely busy enough for a flyover.

The level crossing was closed for months while work on the flyover took place. Finally, George is called in to roll the surface.

The next day, the Fat Controller declares the new flyover open. He is pleased because it means his engines will no longer have to slow down when approaching the crossing. Trevor is given the honour of being the first to try it out and he calls down to James cheekily. James tries to change the subject by pointing out that there is a queue behind Trevor as usual. Trevor cheerfully states that they have all come to watch him fly over James.


Tom Tipper and Jem Cole may also make cameo appearances.


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