“I remember the days on my old line, when some of the big engines like Gordon were named after horses, which had won a race called the Derby. Lemberg was one, and Pretty Polly was another. What a silly name for an engine!”
―The Old Brake Van, Galloping Sausage


The Elderly Brake Van
  • Class: LNER/BR 20 Ton Brake Van
  • Weight: 20 Tons
  • Gauge: 4 ft 8 1⁄2 in (1,435 mm)

The Elderly Brake Van is a brake van who claims to have come from the Other Railway. He once had a conversation with Diesel and the troublesome trucks about engines who were named after race horses, the brake van commenting that it was a silly name for an engine. He mentions engines like Pretty Polly and Lemberg, so it is likely that he was originally an LNER brake van. Later on, the Old Brake Van was later taken to Knapford Harbour and was eventually forgotten about and was abandoned. Until he was rediscovered by Thomas and Percy when they were cleaning up the harbour. The Elderly Brake Van was then taken to the bird sanctuary where it is now used as a birdhouse. He is somewhat miserable, but since being rescued he seems to have mellowed.


The Elderly Brake Van appears to be based on a BR 20 Ton Brake Van, however it is assumed that the brake van originated from the London and North Eastern Railway.


The Elderly Brake Van is painted dark grey and has a grey wrinkled face similar to the Spiteful Brake Van's.




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