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Toby's New Whistle and Tickled Pink

Up, Up and Away! and Not Now, Charlie!

Percy's Parcel and Pop Goes Thomas

No Snow for Thomas and Merry Winter Wish

Pingy Pongy Pick Up and Double Trouble

Emily Saves the World and Express Coming Through

Kevin's Cranky Friend and Thomas and the Runaway Kite

Percy's New Friends and Slippy Sodor

Thomas and the Emergency Cable and James to the Rescue

Samson Sent for Scrap, Whistles Bells and Horn and Old Reliable Edward

Scruff's Makeover and Luke's New Friend

The Lost Puff, Colors and Percy's Lucky Day

Marion and the Dinosaurs, Numbers and Duck in the Water

Marion and the Pipe, Signals Crossed and The Smelly Kipper

The Afternoon Tea Express, Toad and the Whale and Jobs

Samson Sent for Scrap and Animals

Thomas and the Emergency Cable and Not So Slow Coaches

Cranes and The Thomas Way

King of the Railway and Kevin's Cranky Friend

King of the Railway and Away from the Sea

Tale of the Brave and Bill or Ben?

The Adventure Begins and Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure

King of the Railway and Too Many Fire Engines

Fuel and Spencer's VIP

Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure and Toad's Adventure

Sleigh and Plough

Delays and Wild Water Rescue

Baby and Coupling

Bouncy and Lamp