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The Duke and Duchess of Boxford

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The Duke and Duchess of Boxford

The Duke and Duchess of Boxford often visit Sodor with their private engine, Spencer, however, since the fifteenth season they appear to have lived at their summer house.


The Duke and Duchess once bought a holiday home on Sodor and had Edward take their furniture to the house. The engines later helped to build them another summer house. They are good friends with Sir Topham and Lady Hatt and were among the important visitors who attended Dowager Hatt's Sodor tour and party at Knapford in the sixteenth season.

They later attempted to get to Callan Castle for Lord Callan's birthday ball, but had several difficulties getting there, such as when Spencer broke down, Thomas got stuck due to branches on the line, and Bertie received a flat tyre. They finally arrived in time thanks to Mr. Percival and Harold. They also attended the Earl's Christmas Luncheon.


Television series


Magazine stories

The Duke and Duchess of Boxford also appeared in the magazine stories, Red for Rosie, Spencer's Statue, and Spotty Spencer.

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