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The Dream Song is a song featured in the extras of Calling All Engines!.


As the night begins to creep
Fast across the sky,
The engines start their troubled sleep
And here's the reason why.
Roll up! Roll up!
Have a try, go on take a shy,
Roll up! Roll up!
Have a throw. Have you had a go?
Remember how James was so proud and so vain?
Look at him now, well he won't be again.
Queue up! Queue up!
Take a swing on this rusty thing!
Queue up! Queue up!
Have you tried? Go on have a slide
Remember how Gordon was king of the track?
Look at him now, oh there's no going back.
Who's that? Who's that?
Scaring crows where the barley grows?
Who's that? Who's that?
Growing weeds where they're sowing seeds?
Remember how Edward would help and he'd share?
But Farmer McColl doesn't now seem to care.
Roll up! Roll up!
Take a ride on a scary side!
Roll up! Roll up!
It's a thrill when he takes a spill
Remember how Percy took mail there on time?
For all of these engines, it's the end of the line.



Deleted Scenes

  • Calling All Engines!:
    • A deleted shot of the ringmaster.
    • A deleted shot of a scarecrow.
    • A deleted shot of Edward as a scarecrow.
    • A deleted shot of Stephen Hatt swinging on the tyre.
    • A deleted shot of a child sliding down.
    • A deleted scene of Sir Topham Hatt and some children looking at something.
    • A deleted scene of Gordon going down Gordon's Hill.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゆめのうた Dream Song


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